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Zenith Quartz is all about creating modern, sophisticated, eco-friendly quartz surfaces with palatial splendour that embraces the soul of the world’s most intense connoisseurs of kitchen design and countertop fabrication. It is an accessible luxury, well known for its affordability. We look into the future of design creating oriental flavors and traditional classic motifs which reflect a deep understanding of our clients’ taste and ambitions. Zenith quartz is manufactured from a combination of the best nature can offer and superior technology. With a composition of 93% quartz crystals for a high level of polish and good resistance to heat, the dense, compact materials result in minimal air pockets which makes it resistant to shock, scratching and staining. It has the feel and weight of natural stone with a color consistency better than any natural stone.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

When it comes to Zenith Quartz, we offer our customers what we believe to be of the highest value in the market. This means supplying the best product not simply the most affordable. Our warranty program is an expression of our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and living with Zenith quartz products. In support of this program, we are offering a lifetime limited warranty on our Zenith quartz


Avoid contact with:logo zenith 2

  • Alkaline chemicals (acetone, caustic soda, etc.);
  • Pure ammonia or ammonia-based cleaners;
  • Solvents in general (eg. nail polish removers or solvents for paints containing trichlorethylene and methylene chloride);
  • Brighteners, oily soaps, inks and permanent markers;
  • Steel wool pads, abrasive and micro-abrasive cleaners such as creams or powders;
  • Strong detergents such as those for cleaning the oven;
  • Wax polishes or products containing wax that could cause a loss of luster.


In case of contact with any of the above, it is recommended to immediately rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid any misuse.

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Want to view our selection of top of the line Quartz surfaces from the comfort of your own home? Our state of the art “gallery” are available for you to tour at your own time, pace, and from the comfort of wherever you are!

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